Andy Roddick Visits New York Ahead of New York Open Match

Andy Roddick Visits New York Ahead of New York Open Match

During Andy Roddick’s visit to New York today to promote his Feb. 9 match at the New York Open against Jim Courier, he stopped by the WFAN Radio Show, “Boomer and Gio,” to talk tennis, after sampling some cuisine from celebrity chef David Burke, ahead of the Taste of New York Open.

From “Boomer & Gio’: Andy Roddick Discusses State Of American Tennis, His Time On Top And More”

Andy Roddick may have retired more than six years ago, but he’s still trying to improve American tennis.

The former top-ranked player in the world and U.S. Open champ stopped by the “Boomer & Gio” show on Tuesday to promote the New York Open, which will be played Feb. 9-17 at NYCB Live’s Nassau Coliseum.

The event is among the keys in re-establishing the United States as a world power in tennis, Roddick said.

“I think when I came on tour, I want to say there were 20-some-odd events in the States, and I think outside of the U.S. Open, we’re down to 10,” said Roddick, who will play Jim Courier in an exhibition at the New York Open on Feb. 9. “And so when I get a chance to promote something like the New York Open, I think these events are super important to the good of the game and trying to find that next American. So that’s something I’m passionate about. I certainly don’t wake up and watch tennis every day. I don’t schedule my day around it. But I still feel like I can try to add value in some way, shape or form.”

And where does America stand in finding some men who can soon join the sport’s elite? Read more via WFAN Sports Radio.


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