The Courts

The 2018 New York Open was the first ATP event ever to use Black Courts!

The ‘Naked’ Court

The ‘Naked’ court, before any paint or lines are applied this is what our ATP World Tour courts look like. Our next update may be a hint as to what makes these courts unique!

A Painted Court

Notice anything special about the paint? The first coat has been applied, eventually each court will be covered with a total of 150 gallons of this black paint. The lines are next.

The Black Courts Get Their Lines!

The New York Open Black Courts receive their white lines. These courts are now deconstructed into 425 pieces each and shipped to New York! Unique to the ATP World Tour, you do not want to miss the opportunity to see the pro’s in action on the Black Courts.

The Courts Get Installed!

Here are the New York Open Black Courts being installed for the first time in 2018 at NYCBLIVE. The crew works hard to install 2 courts in only a few days. NYCBLIVE is transformed into a hub of tennis for one week: February 9-17, 2019.

Black Courts at the New York Open!

#BackInBlack Be the first to see the pro’s in action on the 2019 Black Courts in action on the 9th of February for the New York Tennis Expo, also see the 2019 draw ceremony and so much more!